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Currently the agency is not providing volunteer opportunities. Thank you.

For questions contact the Volunteer Services Coordinator at 734-785-7705 x7087 or

Volunteers are an important part of our service to the community. Whether it is reading to a child in a classroom or donating time at one of the agency’s special events, volunteer service is key to our operation and meaningful to our clients. The Guidance Center volunteer program seeks volunteers who wish to share their time and talent to support the agency’s mission and the community. The agency offers diverse volunteer opportunities and invites the community to make a difference in the lives of children and adults locally.

Frequently Asked Questions

The Guidance Center has 20 locations throughout Southeast Michigan. The main campus (where you can find the Volunteer Services office) is located in Southgate. Click here to see a list of our locations.

Every potential volunteer must complete a volunteer application. If you are volunteering more than one time with us you must authorize The Guidance Center to conduct a criminal background check. If you are dishonest or refuse, The Guidance Center has the right to disregard the application.


Volunteers serving more than one time participate in a general interview that is conducted on the phone by the Volunteer Services office. After the initial interview, you are required to come in for a second interview (the position meeting) with the representative of the program you will be volunteering in. The position meeting allows a more in-depth discussion regarding the program and its scheduling requirements. If you are then approved for service, you must obtain a Central Registry Clearance.


Volunteers participating in a one-time only event will fill out an On-Site Volunteer Form and sign in on the day of the event. One-time only volunteers and group volunteers are not required to have a Central Registry Clearance.

A Central Registry Clearance from the Department of Human Services (DHS) is required for all volunteers who volunteer more than one time. The clearance is a letter from the state that lets us know that you have never been involved with child abuse or neglect.

A DHS Central Registry Clearance is very simple to do and free of charge. You simply need to print and fill out the form and bring it in to your local DHS office. Let them know you need it as soon as possible (within a week). When asked, have it sent to your home (NOT to The Guidance Center) to ensure it does not get lost.

More information about DHS Clearance.

After you’ve been approved as a volunteer, you will be provided a Volunteer Handbook. An agreement form also will be provided and must be signed before you start your first day of service. The Program Representative will provide training, which helps each volunteer better understand his/her purpose. Guidance Center training workshops may also be a valuable experience to note on your resume.

If you are unable to arrive at the scheduled day and time for any reason, we ask that you notify the Program Representative before your scheduled time begins. This is a courtesy to the staff and we ask that you please be diligent in fulfilling this responsibility.

The key is communication. We understand that life happens; we just ask that you respect the staff and the clients by letting us know when you are unable to be there. Failure to do so will result in potential change of placement or the discontinuation of your volunteer services with the agency.

If you need to change your schedule or you are interested in working in a different position, please contact the Volunteer Services Coordinator.

The Guidance Center will accept volunteers performing court-ordered community service. Volunteers who are performing court-ordered community service must disclose the nature of their conviction to the Volunteer Services office. The agency reserves the right to decline any volunteer or to limit which days or hours a volunteer may work.

The Guidance Center will not accept volunteers who have been convicted of violent crimes, drug-related crimes, identity theft crimes, crimes of a sexual nature, or crimes involving embezzlement. Each offense is looked at and reviewed by the Volunteer Services office and the Program Representative before the final decision is made. Depending on the offense, court-ordered volunteers may be given positions that do not involve clients.

Yes. However, to ensure a successful experience, please contact the Volunteer Services office to discuss accommodations needed.

Yes. We track each volunteer’s hours – both for individual volunteer purposes and for the agency’s purposes. Just ask the Volunteer Services office for that information.

Volunteers who serve for more than 10 hours or who serve for a special event are eligible for a recommendation letter. Contact the Volunteer Services office for more information.

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