Our People

Board Officers

  • Tammy Ranck
  • John Gatti
    Kerr Russell
    Vice Chair
  • John Colina
    The Colina Foundation
  • James Weaks
  • Hilary Ratner
    Merrill Palmer Skillman Institute for Child & Family Development
    Immediate Past Chair

Board Members

  • Gillian Bringard
  • John Bussa
    Bussa Financial Partners
  • John Daly
    Benefit Plan Strategies, LLC
  • Jerry Dorsey IV
    Wayne County Prosecutor's Office
  • Kevin Fischer
    National Alliance on Mental Illness
  • Cheryl Kohs
  • Ron Moran
    Ghafari Associates LLC
  • Kenneth Russell
  • Christina Wasilewski
  • Gina Wilson Steward
    The Telegram Newspaper

Leadership Team

  • Kari D. Walker
    President & CEO
  • Laura Huot
    Chief Operating Officer
  • Gary Guetschow
    Chief Financial Officer
  • Donna Smith
    Director of Quality & Compliance
  • Tina Brandau
    Director of Human Resources
  • Alexander Sebastian
    Director of Communications & Philanthropy
  • Jeff Jacobs
    Director of Southgate Properties
  • Nalini Agarwal, M.D.
    Medical Director
  • Tracy Wyman
    Senior Director of Clinical Services
  • Kimberly Hinton
    Director of Children's Behavioral Health
  • Melanie Richards
    Director of Kids-TALK Children's Advocacy Center
  • Rich Casteels
    Director of Adult Behavioral Health
  • Catherine Lentz
    Director of Early Childhood Prevention and Intervention
  • Mary Griffiths
    Director of Psychiatric Medical Services
  • Adrienne Sewell
    Director of Early Learning Education
  • Sean Chen
    Director of Information Technology
  • Pasquale Vignola
    Director of Center for Excellence, CCBHC Project Director
  • Mark Small
    Director of Adult & Family
  • Lisa Horvath
    Prevention Program Manager