SUDDs (Stop Underage Drinking/Drugs Downriver) Coalition


sudds-back-logo-1The SUDDs vision is for a community where youth, parents, and others are educated about underage drinking and parents and peers are not enablers, a community where there are fewer alcohol related accidents and drug related conflicts and vendors comply with existing laws.


We aim to:

  • educate community members about the consequences of underage drinking and other drug use and alcohol/drug related traffic crashes and fatalities
  • inform community, especially parents, of new drug trends, including the rise of prescription drug use among teens.
  • collaborate with other agencies, organizations and grass-root efforts to prevent and reduce substance abuse.
  • network with community officials
  • educate alcohol and tobacco vendors
  • research city and national policies related to underage drinking
  • participate in community service


For more information contact us at 734-785-7705 x7346 or


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Funding is provided in whole or in part by the Michigan Department of Community Health Bureau of Substance Abuse Services.