Intellectual & Developmental Disabilities Program

The Intellectual & Developmental Disabilities program serves persons of all ages diagnosed with an intellectual and/or developmental disability. Services are provided taking a comprehensive approach and tailor each plan to the needs, wishes and dreams of the person and their family.


Services may include:

  • Support coordination
  • Psychology
  • Speech, occupational, & physical therapy (provided by referral)
  • Individual, family, & group therapy
  • Community living supports & respite care (provided by referral)
  • Vocational and skill building (provided by referral)
  • Supported employment
  • Guardianship testing
  • Autism Services including Applied Behavior Analysis




Autism Benefit

The autism benefit allows eligible children to receive applied behavior analysis (ABA) services. To qualify children must have a diagnosis of autism, receive Medicaid and be between the ages of 18 months through 21 years. ABA is an intensive evidence based practice that teaches children various social, academic and language skills.  This can be done in a clinic based setting as well as a home based setting. Children in any program including IDD, Children’s Outpatient, Wraparound, Infant Mental Health, and more are eligible for Autism Benefit services.


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