Journey to Wellness

What is Journey to Wellness?

Our team of health care providers will work with you to coordinate, support, and help manage your health care and social needs. We serve the “whole person” by integrating and coordinating physical, behavioral, and social services.
We provide the following core services:
• Comprehensive care management
• Care coordination
• Health promotion
• Comprehensive transitional care and follow-up
• Individual family support

Who is Journey to Wellness for?

We work with Medicaid clients who have serious and complex chronic conditions (mental illness/emotional disturbance).


1) Improve care management of clients with Serious Mental Illness/Serious Emotional Disturbance.
2) Improve care coordination between physical and behavioral health care services.
3) Improve care transitions between primary, specialty, and inpatient settings of care.

Program Objectives

Through the delivery of core services, the program seeks to:
• Improve your health outcomes.
• Coordinate all of your healthcare needs.
• Increase access to care.
• Increase hospital post-discharge follow-up.
• Reduce the need for hospital and emergency room visits.

Qualifying Criteria

Clients must have a physical health illness, serious mental illness, or emotional disturbance, and any of the following diagnoses:
F06 Other mental disorders due to physiological condition
F20 Schizophrenia
F25 Schizoaffective disorders
F31 Bipolar disorder
F32 Major depressive disorder, single episode
F33 Major depressive disorder, recurrent
F41 Other anxiety disorders
F43 Reaction to severe stress, and adjustment disorder
F90 Attention-deficit hyperactivity disorders
Should you need to opt out of the Journey to Wellness program, you may do so at any time with no impact to your current health coverage.
Eager to sign up TODAY?
If you meet the qualifying criteria and think that Journey to Wellness could be for you, call us today at 734-785-7774.

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