Supporting The Employment Of Those We Serve

A Communication from Kari Walker, CEO

The Guidance Center recognizes that many people living with mental illness want to work and are capable of achieving and maintaining competitive employment. We also believe that work is a vehicle that supports recovery, and results in an improved quality of life. Directed by these beliefs, The Guidance Center is committed to the delivery of high quality, evidence-based supported employment services.


This evidence based supported employment service, called Individual Placement and Support (IPS), has provided those served the opportunity to create an income, and give additional structure and purpose to their lives. Through employment, they have chances to develop relationships, and contribute to their community in constructive and meaningful ways. Additionally, persons placed into competitive jobs have provided their employer with a high-quality solution to their recruitment challenges. The Guidance Center embraces the opportunity and responsibility to assist people with mental illness to integrate into the competitive workforce. This important service is in direct alignment with our Mission.


The Guidance Center is offering IPS services through a contract with the Detroit Wayne Integrated Health Network and in partnership with Michigan Rehabilitation Services.


Whether you are an employer seeking highly motivated employees, a person living with mental illness who is searching for a competitive job, or a staff member working with someone who has expressed an interest in employment, please contact the IPS staff for assistance


For more information regarding this important program and to find contact information for IPS staff, click here.


Kari Walker

President & CEO

The Guidance Center

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