Children & Youth Services

Children’s Behavioral Health

Children’s Behavioral Health provides an array of mental health services to children and youth ages 5 – 17 with emotional and behavioral challenges. Services include assessment, psychiatric treatment, office and home-based therapy and case management, therapeutic and skill-building groups, wraparound, and around-the-clock crisis screening. Children’s Behavioral Health services focus both on the individual child/youth and the family as a whole. We are committed to help children and families build on their many strengths in order to lead fulfilling, productive lives.


Juvenile Justice

The Juvenile Justice program uses the Wraparound philosophy to provide home-based rehabilitative delinquency services to the youth and families in the program. Click here for more information.

Prevention and Diversion Services

Our youth empowerment services provide support, guidance and positive opportunities that help youth ages 7-17 develop their skills and make safe, healthy choices. We offer developmentally appropriate opportunities focused on social, emotional, academic and behavioral needs through a variety of services including:


Prevention Services

  • SUDDs (Stop Underage Drinking/Drugs Downriver) Coalition
  • Teen coalitions
  • River Rouge Prevention Policy Board (RRPPB) youth membership
  • Lifeskills training groups
  • Aggression replacement training groups
  • Bullying prevention groups
  • Academic assistance
  • Mentoring

Diversion Services