Substance Use Treatment

The Guidance Center has a diverse team.

(link to) … of qualified mental health and addiction professionals, including social workers, psychologists, and professional counselors, who have the training, experience, and credentials to provide therapeutic interventions designed to address a wide range of issues. Substance use treatment and recovery support services include a combination of interventions designed to help you pursue a safe and lasting recovery and improve your quality of life.


How does substance use treatment differ from mental health treatment?

(link to) Substance use treatment is specifically designed to help you reduce or discontinue your use of harmful substances that can contribute to a wide range of negative consequences for you and your family. Treatment and recovery activities focus on helping you understand the substances you are using, their impact on your mind, body, and personal relationships, skills you can use to stop using these substances, manage cravings, prevent relapse, achieve and maintain your sobriety.


Effective substance use treatment involves a comprehensive set of services.

(link to) The Guidance Center’s outpatient substance use treatment program includes a combination of therapeutic interventions and Medication Assisted Treatment (LINK to MAT page). These services include addiction education for you and your family, individual, family and group therapy, recovery coaching, psychiatry, and drug testing. In addition to participating in this package of services, we will help you and your family connect to a recovery support network in your community.

Treatment planning is important.

(link to) Your treatment plan is your roadmap to recovery. It identifies who will do what, when, where, how, how often, and for how long to help you accomplish your recovery goals. Meetings with your therapist and other treatment members will be guided by the steps outlined in your treatment plan. The focus is on recovery, finding solutions, and developing skills. We will help you work toward specific goals, build on your personal strengths, utilize your natural supports and the services and supports available to you at The Guidance Center and in your community.